Is my location data information secure?

Yes. The location data is extracted and stored in your computers volatile memory (RAM). Once NovaTrakt is closed, or the file list is cleared, the location data is deleted from this memory.

The only exception to this, is if you, the user, choose to extract the data into a GPX file.


NovaTrakt requires an internet connection, only to be able to display the map, supplied by the BING Mapping Engine.

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Why does the map location stutter?

GPS only updates its position every second, this is the data that NovaTrakt reads from your MP4 video files. Whilst your video maybe playing back smoothly, the GPS location is only updated on the map once every second.

To stop the position marker jumping all over the map whilst you are travelling at very low speeds, NovaTrakt may ignore certain GPS records when displaying on the map.

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Why does my video playback stutter?

We do not publish hardware requirements for NovaTrakt, as most modern computers will be able to run the software. When loaded NovaTrakt is normally using less than 1GB of RAM, so make sure you have this available.

Playback issues could also be caused by Windows not having suitable drivers available. NovaTrakt is setup to use your built in Windows drivers. There are many codec packs available online that can be used to provide more suitable codecs should you be experiencing playback stutter.

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What cameras are compatible with NovaTrakt?

NovaTrakt is designed and developed specifically for the VIOFO A119. However, the method of GPS data storage used on this camera is common to a lot of cameras that use the latest Novatek processors.

The list of cameras currently known to work with NovaTrakt are listed below. If you use NovaTrakt successfully with a camera not listed below, please do let us know!


Compatible Cameras:

  • VIOFO A119 (Firmware version 2.01 is not compatible)
  • VIOFO A119S (From firmware version 1.01 onwards)
  • StreetGuardian SG9663DC
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