What is NovaTrakt?

NovaTrakt is designed and tested to work specifically with GPS Videos created by a VIOFO A119. Although similar devices powered by a Novatek NT96660 processors, for example the VIOFO A119S, will also work. (See the FAQ for a list of cameras known to work with NovaTrakt) NovaTrakt provides all of your GPS Video information in one simple window, with an easy to use interface. With your journeys automatically presented to you as one trip.

  • Journey Detection

    NovaTrakt will detect when multiple video clips should be combined to make one longer journey. All clips will be played in order, with your position shown on the map!

  • Map Synchronisation

    As the videos play the current location on the map is updated to reflect the current location in the video. The entire journey is displayed as one route on the map.

  • Bing Maps

    NovaTrakt uses the Bing Maps API, to display your routes and current location. You can toggle between road maps and satellite imagery.

About NovaTrakt

About NovaTrakt

On release, the VIOFO A119 wasn't compatible with most of the GPS Video Players available as it used new technology (the Novatek NT96660 processor), which meant the GPS data was written to the file differently to any camera before it. NovaTrakt was initially released as a way of extracting the data into a GPX file to make the GPS Video files compatible with an older GPS Video Player. Today NovaTrakt has become a new GPS Video Player itself!